If you are looking for a reason to move to the Twin Cities, here are 10 pretty compelling ones! Once you’ve made the decision to move to the Land of 10,000 Lakes, call us, and we’ll make sure your move is smooth and organized!

Here are 10 reasons to live in the Twin Cities:


  1. Job Opportunities: There are 19 Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Minnesota; Target, 3M, General Mills to name a few! We love having the inventor of the post it note headquartered in our beautiful state!
  2. Affordable housing: Unlike New York and San Francisco, you can actually afford to live in a great home/condo/apartment with some decent space. The closer you live to the cities the more expensive it is, but suburban living offers a lot of perks including space and affordability.
  3. Lakes: We are, after all, the Land of 10,000 of them. Not only are our lakes beautiful, but there are endless activities for you to do on them in the summer and winter!  Boating, kayaking, swimming in the summer.  Ice fishing, snowmobiling and more in the winter.
  4. Foodies: Come to Minneapolis if you are looking for a great food scene. If you know the names Tim McKee, Alex Roberts, Isaac Becker, then you know these James Beard finalists and winners have some of the best restaurants in the city for you to enjoy!
  5. Arts: The Twin Cities has the most theater seats per capita, only 2nd to New York. Visit the beautiful Guthrie Theatre, Ordway or even some smaller venues like the Jungle Theater to see amazing talent!
  6. Suburbs: In 2010 Money Magazine rated one of our suburbs, Eden Prairie the best place to live in America.
  7. Minnesota sports: Want to take in some professional sports? The Twin Cities is the place. Do you prefer hockey? Baseball? Football? WNBA? We have it all for you!  We recommend you get thick skin though, its not always easy being a Minnesota sport fan!
  8. Healthy & happy people: We are the 6th overall healthiest state according to America’s Health Rankings Foundation. Some areas to celebrate are low diabetes rates and high immunization rates. “Minnesota nice” is real, mostly because we just feel good!
  9. Prince & The Coen Brothers: If we are going to hang our hats on famous people from Minnesota, its safe to say we have two (or 3) of the coolest ones to call “ours!”
  10. Skyway system: We know it gets cold here! Luckily for you, we have an easy to navigate skyway system.  If you work downtown you can go from your car to work, to lunch and back without ever feeling the chill of a January day!