Don’t forget that man’s  (and woman’s) best friend might have some anxiety about their new digs.  It’s not just a transition for you and your human family members, a new home can be an intimidating experience for your dog as well.  The good news is that dogs are resilient and these 5 steps will help to make your new home a safe and happy place for your pet.

  • When you arrive at the new home, show your dog some familiar things, whether it be their dog bowls, toys or their crate (if you crate them).  This will help them to understand that their comfort zone came with them


  • Don’t let your dog just roam the entire house.  Show your animal the house room by room.  Start with the living room one day and then introduce them to the basement the following day.  No need to overwhelm them all at once.


  • Don’t forget: dogs love treats!  As you introduce them to their new space, remember that a little treat will make for a happy experience.  They will associate the new space with reward!


  • Take your pet on a walk! Have them get to know their surroundings/smells around the home as well.  Introduce them to other animals in the neighborhood and if your neighbors are outside, an introduction to them as well.


  • Don’t forget to change your pet’s collar to reflect the new address or phone number of the new house in case he/she decides to check out the neighborhood alone!