The thought of moving typically evokes feelings of being overwhelmed and wondering how bad your back is back going to hurt after all of your boxes are packed up. Often times it’s the initial “where do I even start?” that turns moving into a nightmare. In addition to buying packing materials, finding the right movers at the right price and finding enough boxes to pack up your place, it can be an overwhelming task.

There are a million (literally) moving checklists online, but we find those lists still don’t take the fear out of the process, rather they can overwhelm you further.

Forbes recently published an article that we love because it really is a moving list that is unique.  It dives into more of a physiological list for moving versus a physical list, and although the article goes into more detail here are 3 of our favorites from the list:

Make a moving resolution.
Ditch negative influences.
Get off the couch and enjoy the fun.


Make your move an experience, not a nightmare and don’t forget to call us to ask about our prep & pack services! We can take all the stress out of the process.