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Moving and Packing Tips to Make Your Relocation Dead Simple

So, you finally scored your dream job or landed that amazing promotion. Congratulations! Not as amazing? The daunting task that lies ahead of you: packing up and moving to a new city. Americans are among the most geographically mobile people on the planet. In fact, one in four of us makes a move at least once every five years. Still,…

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Hassle-free Storage with Move-in Help

If you want one-stop service for packing, moving and shipping your belongings, Quality Moving & Storage provides the reliable service you need. Our secure storage facilities and friendly, accommodating packers and movers make relocating a breeze for busy families. For seniors, our well-trained movers do all the heavy lifting to ensure the transition to a retirement facility or downsized home…

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Moving Day Etiquette: 5 Things Movers Want You to Know

As the cost of living continues to increase in major cities, many people are deciding to move. Phoenix, Arizona, is one of the top cities people are going to. The average price of a home there was around $289,000.  If you’re planning on relocating whether it be for financial or personal reasons, you don’t have to worry about doing it…

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Safe Packing and Moving Protocol During COVID-19

Packing and moving is a challenge any time, but during the midst of the coronavirus scare…it’s downright nightmarish. Unfortunately, not everyone can postpone the big day until after things settle down — especially since we don’t even know when that might be. However, there are plenty of ways you can mitigate risk even when moving during such a difficult time. Keep…

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Decorating and home makeover shows are all the rage right now.  Whether it’s HGTV or even ABC’s mega show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, there is a common thread in so many of these shows….decorating on a budget. Here are 6 tips to help decorate your home without breaking the bank! Paint.  Paint is a great way to turn an old room into something…

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With the help of moving.org we have compiled a list of important things to know and questions to ask to find the perfect moving company for your move. By using this checklist, you will be certain that your belongings are in the hands of trusted (and insured) movers. Moving can be stressful, so this important piece will certainly make the…

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