With the help of moving.org we have compiled a list of important things to know and questions to ask to find the perfect moving company for your move. By using this checklist, you will be certain that your belongings are in the hands of trusted (and insured) movers. Moving can be stressful, so this important piece will certainly make the process easier from the start.

  • Find out how long the moving company has been around. If you have a moving company if 15+ years of experience, you know that they have been doing something right or they wouldn’t still be around.
  • Read the companies’ reviews. What are other people saying about their experience with the company?
  • Check out their social media pages? Are they an active business that is providing reviews, content, and updates to their customers via social media? This is a sign that not only is the company on top of their brand, but they care to provide valuable information to their followers. A client first mentality.
  • What does the company provide in terms of added value? Free boxes? Great communication?
  • Is the moving company insured? If something DOES happen, how can they make the situation right?
  • Get a few different estimates. Cheaper doesn’t always mean it’s going to be a good experience. Some more expensive moving companies charge more because they provide a more high-end experience with more seasoned movers on their staff.
  • Ask for a written estimate and make sure you confirm if there will be any additional costs to consider.

Don’t forget: professional movers can help with packing as well, and most moving companies offer storage space if needed. Contact us at Quality Moving & Storage today, and we will be happy to answer these questions for you!

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