Let’s face it. We don’t always take our kids’ feelings into consideration when moving homes. Sometimes we need to move, whether it be for a new job or a bigger home to accommodate the growing family. However, moving can be a scary thing for kids- they are leaving everything they know behind. Here are a few ways that you can help them with the transition and make them feel more at ease about the move:

  1. Educate the kids: Whether you are moving across town or across the country, take your kids for a visit to the new place that you will be moving. Make an extra special point to find some fun kid activities, restaurants and parks that may make the move seem less scary. If the kids can envision a new home that is similar to what they have now, it may seem a little less intimidating.
  2. Keep in touch: Make a plan with your kids about how they are going to keep in touch with their old neighbors, friends and teachers. Plan out a skype schedule with their best friend for one night a week, or give them some new stationary that they can write letters with their favorite teacher.
  3. Make them part of the process: A great way for kids to get excited about a move is letting them be involved in the process of moving. What color would they like to paint their new bedroom? Will they be in charge of handing out refreshments to the movers? Can they help dad with a project? Give them a job. It will make them feel important and like they couldn’t do it without you!
  4. Give them something to look forward to: This may not always be the best advice, but bribery isn’t always a bad thing! Maybe you need to give your kids something really exciting to look forward to – something they’ve been begging you for. A puppy? That new playground set? That new bike? Whatever it is, it may help take their mind off the scary move and give them something exciting to look forward to.
  5. Talk it out: This article from KidsHealth.org suggests having your kids talk openly about it! Are they worried about not making friends? Worried that they won’t like their new school?

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