Packing your clothes and shoes are easy! But your china and your valuables are a different story.  Here are 5 tips to get your valuables from point A to point B in once piece.

ONE: Get Insurance: Some moving companies offer additional insurance for specified items.  If they don’t, check your homeowners insurance to see if it covers anything during a move. Also ask about broken items when hiring your movers and see what they do if something is accidentally damaged.

TWO: Take it with you: If something is irreplaceable, keep in it your lap and drive it to your destination. If you need the moving company to do all the work, make sure that they understand the importance of the valuable and ask them specifically how it will be transported. They typically will make arrangements to keep a close eye on that particular item.

THREE: Secure it: Boxing up the item might just been the ticket to keeping it in tact.  Use extra padding, extra tape and make sure nothing will break the object if something heavy is placed on top or near the box with the item inside.

FOUR: Mark it: Not only should you communicate to your movers what items are extra valuable, but if you’ve packed it, make sure the box is clearly marked so that the moving company knows what to keep an extra close eye on. We recommend a big black or red “X” with the words “valuables” on the box (on all sides).

FIVE: Take a picture: Take a picture of the item before you pack it up or have the movers pack it up. In case of a problem you have a photo of the original item to replace it or try to fix to it’s original look.

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