Congratulations, you will be celebrating your first Thanksgiving in your new house… and with houseguests! These tips will help the holiday stay stress free with your guests in your new home:

1. Clean up.

No one wants to stay in a dirty place. Carve out some time 48 hours before your guest arrive to really look at the corners of your home. Vinegar and water is your friend and think about a room freshener for your guest bedroom.

2. Leave space.

A little decluttering will go a long way, especially if you need to share a bathroom. Throw some of those extra hair product bottles under your bed for the time being and give your guests some space for their things.

3. Think like a hotel.

What could your guests have forgotten? A toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion or a razor? Grab them for $1.00 at your local retailer or drug store. Leave them in a nice dish in “their” room.

4. Wash sheets.

No one wants to stay in “slept-in” sheets. Give your guest fresh new sheets to slip into. Plus, clean sheets will add to a fresh smell in your home.

5. Set your alarm.

Set your alarm a little earlier than usual and try to get up before your guests. Make them feel comfortable when they wake up by offering them some fresh brewed coffee and the remote!

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