It’s with great excitement that we introduce to you our sister company, BoxElder Services! And there is no better way to get a peek into the company, than with a Q&A with the owner! Nick Franta is the owner and operator of the newly launched BoxElder Services and he looks forward to helping the senior community with a full service offering. Learn what drives him personally and professionally and why after 20 years in the moving and storage industry he decided to focus some of his efforts on the senior community.

1. Why did you decide to start BoxElder Services?

We saw a need for not just another senior moving specialist but a full service one. A company that does it all; packing to picture hanging, moving to storage, computer hook up and more.  BoxElder Services is designed to be a one-stop shop for seniors and a more upscale full service option for the community.

2. What is your vision for this company and how does your experience help you to get to this end result?

Our vision is to be one of a kind, to be the trendsetter, the innovator in our business. We will take what has been in place for many years (Quality Moving & Storage) and provide a more robust service offering.  We will also incorporate live video feeds so family members (maybe living out of state) that cannot be there can be wired in for the survey, the estimate and or the project itself. Our hope is that this technology will bring peace of mind to the entire family.

Our 20 plus years of experience in the moving and storage industry will mean there will be very few surprises for us in launching BoxElder Services, making our clients experience effective and efficient.  We have seen where improvements can be made and what small detail can make major impact.  We have learned how to be better, stronger and wiser with our techniques, customer service and our professionalism.

3. You’ve been in the moving business for over 20 years. When did you start to see a need for services like this, specifically for seniors?

We have always had an eye on innovation and we are always looking to diversify our business.  I would say at least 10 years back we saw the need to become a moving specialist for the senior community as well as for those individuals that don’t want the hassle of any part of their move both before and after.  Full service allows our team to get to know our clients on a deeper level and provide an extra layer of trust and care.

4. What makes BoxElder Services different from “just another moving company?”

BoxELDER is not just a moving company.  BoxElder Services is a senior and upscale service company that also moves folks.  Yes, our core service may be “moving”…but outside of that we offer several other services that are connected with one’s move.  For example, putting in light bulbs and batteries, disposal of unwanted items, organizing, patching holes left behind, setting up new shelving, indoor storage, shipping goods to a distant relative, downsizing, transferring that beloved chandelier from the old spot to the new, packing, purging, runs to charity, organizing and so much more!

5. What drives you as a person and as a businessman?

I think what drives me most is to hear back from a customer…”job well done!”  Today the spotlight is on, you have nowhere to hide and no room for error.  Social media has pushed expectations in the service industry to all-time highs.  So when a 5 star or A+ review or positive call comes back from a recent project that feels really good and that is what drives me most!    I just really want to make an honest and memorable. I also love to offer a fun and unique place for people to work.  I like the competition that other companies bring to the plate.  And of course, this all began as a family business and still is.  What is more rewarding or special than to be able to say, “I work with my family”?  How wonderful is it to know that someday soon, my own children can be involved and maybe even take the reins.  A dream for me actually!

I have always dared myself to be different, hoping to be ahead of the pack. This new concept within an existing industry is a perfect example of that.

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