As the cost of living continues to increase in major cities, many people are deciding to move. Phoenix, Arizona, is one of the top cities people are going to. The average price of a home there was around $289,000.

If you’re planning on relocating whether it be for financial or personal reasons, you don’t have to worry about doing it alone. Hiring affordable movers is the perfect option for you. 

If your official moving day is around the corner, explore the do’s and don’ts to ensure a smooth relocation from your professional movers!

1. Stay Out of Their Way

When they get there, make sure that you stay out of their way. You want them to have access to every room and all the storage that needs to be packed and moved. 

Let them do their job and make sure that they have full access to your house. If you don’t want them to go in a certain room for any reason, make sure that they know that ahead of time. 

2. Arrange a Place for Them to Park

Before they get to their house with their truck, make sure that there is plenty of room for them to park.

If you live in a gated community, make sure that they have the code and can get in with no problem. Some neighborhoods have an HOA and have rules for where they can park, so make sure you check that. 

Once you find out the rules, make sure you let the local moving company know ahead of time. 

3. Finish All Your Packing Before They Get There

You should make sure that you finish packing all of your belongings before the movers get there. If you’re still trying to pack while they’re trying to move, you’ll just get in their way and prolong the process. 

Making sure everything is ready to go when they get there will save your time and money as well as theirs. 

4. Tip Them

Generally, it’s standard to tip your movers as well. 

There are different rules about how much you should tip them, but it will depend on how large the job was, how much they had to move, and how long they were there for.

On average, you may want to tip about $25 – $50. If you want, you could also do 10 to 15% of whatever the move total comes out to be.

5. Be Available to Them All Day

Lastly, you should make sure that you’re available to them all day.

You shouldn’t disappear in the middle of the day in case they have any questions while they’re packing your things. Instead of running around chasing your children, try to see if you can arrange someone to watch them for the day. 

Learn More About Moving Day Etiquette

These are only a few things to consider for your moving day, but at the end of the day, make sure you’re as nice as possible to your movers. 

If you show them respect, they’ll respect you.

Are you wondering how much it will cost to hire a moving company? Contact us for a quote today!

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