The time has come! You found the new home of your dreams and all that’s left is to move into it.  Don’t let the chore of packing overwhelm you. Remember one simple thing: the more detailed you are with labeling things, the easier and faster it will be to get settled in your new home. Along with these moving tips, here are a few simple labeling tips that will help keep your move more organized:

1.     On your computer, create a list of color-coded labels.  Designate one color per room so that you know not only exactly what is in the box but to which room it belongs to.

2.     When you pack a box and tape it closed, it is easy to just write on the top of it. DON’T!  Instead, label all four sides of the box so no matter how it is loaded or being carried, it is easy to see where it’s final destination is.

3.     Along with the actual labels, it is also important to indicate which side of the box is upright and if it contains fragile items. Again, like the labeling, this should be on all four sides of the box with arrows and a brightly colored fragile label.

4.     Last but not least in the wonderful world of labeling…cords!  Don’t go to the place we have all been before.  Avoid the giant box of random cords and chargers that you have no idea where they go or what they belong to.  Before you go unplug and pull things from the wall, label them.  When you arrive at your new home it will be so nice to unpack the box and know exactly where your power cord for your computer is.


Some of the labeling seems a bit repetitive, and with the arrows, colors, descriptions and fragile labels, it can seem like label overload. Remember, the more clear you are on what it is in the boxes, the easier it will be to unpack them and get settled.  Happy Moving!