It’s been a great holiday season with gifts, family and fun. Now you have your move to think about and if the thought of wrapping one more thing has you feeling, well, bah humbug, keep reading.

The very best moving companies will do a pack and prep service. The crew will come into your home and pack every single belonging, taking inventory of your items (which makes for a faster move) and will make sure that each item is wrapped perfectly to avoid any accidents. A few other reasons to hire holiday elves….

  1. Professional pack and prep makes for a faster move. After all these guys will be doing the heavy lifting, they know how to make it easier…on them…on you!
  1. Pack and prep services inventory everything, which means nothing is going to get lost. That piece of mind will make for a wonderful new year!
  1. Back to faster moving…if your crew works faster, you pay less moving hours!

This is starting to look more like a holiday miracle! For more information on pack and prep services visit