We’re all familiar with DIY! When it comes to moving, it’s DDIY: Don’t do it yourself! At first glance, moving yourself might seem like the better option financially, but don’t forget to consider the following costs:

1. Breaking valuables during the move: Professional moving companies should be insured if they do any damage to your home or your valuables. However, many are not fully insured! Make sure you ask if your moving company offers 100% coverage, covering everything they handle, move, haul or come in contact with. Don’t assume anything.

2. Losing your damage deposit: If you are going to DIY and damage happens to a rental property, such as a scrape on the wall or a light fixture gets hit, you will be held responsible. Most likely you will end up losing your damage deposit.

3. The price for family and friends: Is it always worth it to ask family and friends to help with your move, just to save some money? In most cases, the answer is NO. Even just asking them can put them in an awkward position. Often times something will come up on the day of the move and you will end up alone or at best a few hands down than you originally planned. Days off are sacred to most of us, and we are pretty sure that if your friend has something “come up”, it’s for a day of hanging out at the lake.

4. Legal issues: If you do find family and friends to help, you still run the risk of injury. Hiring professional movers will ensure you have experienced people who know what they are doing and who are also coved if anything happens. Accidents do happen and more likely to happen to non-professionals. The last thing you want is to be responsible for your brother-in-law throwing out his back and winding up in the hospital.

5. Rental costs: Not only do you have to pay for renting a moving truck, but most truck rentals require you to pay some kind of insurance on the vehicle you are using. Don’t forget the cost of gas as well!

6. Time is money: As tempting as it is to DIY, these jobs can take twice as long, or even longer if you choose to go at this alone. There is no incentive for friends and family to “boogie” and get the job done in a timely manner, which could mean a lot of loafing around and resting.

In the end you are going to save money, time and stress by hiring a reputable moving company. Use resources like www.moving.com to ask the moving company the right questions and make your moving experience easy and affordable.

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