Senior Relocation EdinaThe moving process can be a stressful situation–especially for seniors. Seniors can become quickly overwhelmed when it comes to the duties of packing, lifting, organizing, and moving. Often times, seniors tend to not want to bug their neighbors or family members to help them move, so they end up attempting to move themselves. When this happens, it increases their chance of injury or other problems during the process.

Let the professionals at Quality Moving & Storage help manage your move!

At Quality Moving & Storage, we know how stressful a move can be. Whether your relocation is just down the street or across the state, we can help plan, coordinate, and supervise all aspects of senior relocation with a completely hands-on service.

We can assist with all senior relocation services including:

  • Downsizing your current home
  • Moving to assisted living
  • Assisting an adult child of a senior who cannot be there to help with the moving or downsizing process
  • Helping someone who has lost a loved one and needs assistance with moving and packing
  • Help unpack your belongings
  • Assist with any furniture assembly and moving them to any area of your home

Quality Moving & Storage has been helping seniors move their personal belongings and furniture around the Twin Cities metro area since 1996. We are different from the competition because we take every move seriously and provide exceptional and professional moving services. Our hard working and honest professionals take pride in every move–which is why we are trusted throughout Minnesota.

If you are in need of senior relocation services, speak to one of our professionals at Quality Moving & Storage today at 952-831-6800!