Packing and moving is a challenge any time, but during the midst of the coronavirus scare…it’s downright nightmarish. Unfortunately, not everyone can postpone the big day until after things settle down — especially since we don’t even know when that might be.

However, there are plenty of ways you can mitigate risk even when moving during such a difficult time. Keep reading for some helpful packing and moving tips plus safety protocols to follow that will help to ensure you and your family’s safety.

Minimize Human Contact

It sounds so cold, but health experts agree that avoiding human contact as much as possible helps prevent transmission of COVID-19. It’s less hectic to have your movers pack the boxes, but it’s best to avoid having other people touch your things as much as possible. Buy new moving materials and pack your boxes yourself. 

If you’re up to it, you could even consider having the movers drop off the truck and loading it yourself. When you’re done, they can come back and drive it to your new location. If it will be a few days before you’ll arrive, you may want to have them unload it at the new place without you. 

However, not everyone can handle that much of the move themselves. You can still enjoy full packing and moving services as long as the company is taking steps to keep their employees and you as safe as possible.

Check Current Guidelines

The CDC has published guidelines that both customers and the moving company employees can follow to protect themselves during your move. Frequent handwashing, covering your mouth to cough or sneeze, and avoiding touching your face are all good measures to take.

You may also want to ask the moving company what guidelines they’ve put in place for their employees to follow. If they don’t seem to be taking the dangers of coronavirus very seriously, you may want to choose a different company.

Have Hygiene Products on Hand

During your move, don’t pack up all the hygiene products. Have hand sanitizer on hand and keep soap and paper towels by the sink so everyone can wash their hands frequently. You may also want to provide disposable gloves and if you’re particularly high-risk, consider wearing a mask.

If you are present when unloading, wipe down the boxes with disinfectant wipes before carrying them into your new home. 

Staying Safe While Packing and Moving

COVID-19 has certainly presented us all with quite a few challenges. While many people are able to stay home and ride out the quarantine, this isn’t an option for everyone. However, you can still take steps to keep you and your family safe while packing and moving to a new home.

The biggest thing is to choose a company that is also taking steps to mitigate the risk for you and their employees. If you’re looking for moving and storage services in Minnesota and Wisconsin, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are committed to keeping everyone as safe as possible while still providing the services that you need because, for many people, life goes on regardless of the pandemic.

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